Data Processing

Client Requirement:

Our client was an Insurance Company, catering to all Insurance related services in the UK.

They want us to generate quotations from different websites as per the requirements of their clients, upload quotations to systems, and report the summary of collected quotations according to various requirements.

They were looking for dedicated and efficient virtual teams’ assistance for a UK-based client profile. They were searching for a committed team who can work efficiently with high accuracy levels and had to be capable of comprehensive reporting.

Our Initial Approach

Our client had several specifications which needed to be met while selecting the candidates for the required positions. Candidates needed to have a thorough knowledge of UK addressing methods, Postcode mapping, and also experience and an understanding of the UK Insurance market.

Firstly, we took the following steps;

  • Shortlist candidate CV according to the client’s requirements.
  • Submitting the selected profiles to the employer for further screening.
  • Further processing of selected shortlisted candidate profiles.

Following Steps:

We managed to hire a skillful and efficient team for the required job with the expertise of our well-experienced and talented management. As per the client’s requirement our team studied the entire insurance process to perform the tasks promptly with minimum errors.

When generating quotations our team was always reminded of the following facts to keep in mind;

  • The consumer decides the necessary insurance coverage.
  • The consumer decides by considering facts and researching the benefits of various offers of each insurance provider.

The steps we followed are as follows;

  1. Generate multiple quotations corresponding with customer requirements
  2. Get the records into an excel file
  3. Upload the quotations to the system
  4. Upload a summary report and direct it to the partners.

End Result

By hiring a virtual team from SourceOne, our client was able to commit their valuable time and energy solely to growing their business and concentrate on the priority functions even without hiring full-time employees to get the work done.

Our cost-effective payment methods with fixed hourly rates provided our clients the flexibility to utilize and manage their financial resources effectively without clattering their other financial commitments.

The client also saved costs by up to 50% by not hiring a permanent regular office employee for their special task.