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Many Fortune 500 companies outsource to Sri Lanka and it offers fantastic cost savings for start-ups and SMEs looking to maximise their budget, maintain control of their employees and improve the overall efficiency of their business.

SourceOne offer a range of professional business support services, providing office administrators, personal assistants, content writers, accountants, bookkeepers and social media assistants.

Staff can be contacted during working hours via Skype/Zoom (audio or video), or by phone or email. This makes it easy to keep updated about schedules and tasks, to ensure deadlines will be met.

Outsourcing to Sri Lanka is as safe as hiring an employee in your own country. You have the same levels of control over their work and activity and TeamIn ensure all staff made available to your business have been fully vetted before being made available for hire.

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in Sri Lanka and has been taught as standard in schools since the 1950s. We ensure every employee is highly-skilled and English-proficient so you never have to worry about communication issues.

Every employee you hire will work from a managed office. This means they all work closely together to ensure maximum efficiency. With communication streamlined through a single channel it makes project collaboration much easier to manage and complete.

As you would with staff in a physical office, you can keep in contact via phone, email or Skype/Zoom and track their work schedule if needed. If things are not working as you like you can speak with our HR team who can search for a replacement without causing any disruption to workflow.

It only takes four quick and easy steps to get started. Get in touch and brief us about your requirements, hand-pick the package you need, select your team and we’ll set everything up for you to get started right away.