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SourceOne as a PEO maintains a co-employment relationship with its clients and employees. Ideally, the service is limited to companies having their own legal entity in Sri Lanka. It offers customers the essential HR assistance they need, including payroll, benefits, tax deductions, and reporting. . 

In PEO, SourceOne will support the client from attracting candidates to managing the employees. The client may do the deployment, choose the candidate, offer insurance/statutory benefits, and whole control of the process. As a PEO we provide full-time employees only but offer any number of employees upon our client’s request. When the client prefers to go ahead with a SourceOne-sourced candidate the recruitment fee will be only a month’s cost and without any obligation, we will replace SourceOne’s deployments during the first 3 months of recruitment. 

The client will be responsible for providing all the entitled benefits to the employee as well as devices and infrastructure facilities. Nevertheless, the client has the authority in deciding the work location of their employee and if it is not home the client will have to arrange a workplace. And the employee is expected to work 45 hours per week. 

For the dedicated service provided by SourceOne, we will charge a reasonable service fee against the total cost. 

We have measures in place to protect clients’ data/IP rights to comply with the ISO 27001:2022 standards. 

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Flexible Solution

Our team will manage all of the admin, payroll, HR, and taxes, so you can focus on building your business.

Proven Expertise

Our in-house teams of payroll
and HR experts have already
helped dozens of
organizations to expand.
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Single Point of Contact

Our centralized service gives you a single point of contact, simplifying the entire employment process.
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Onsite Legal & HR Team

In-country legal guidance, contract renewals, and termination and HR compliance; as well as local tax, law, and financial expertise.

On-time Salary

Accurate, on-time salary, income tax declaration, expense management, and statutory payments.
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Up-to-date Compliance

With the ever changing employment
laws, we’ll ensure you
stay fully compliant
at all times.

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