Colombo -Sri Lanka

Why Sri Lanka?

Cost-effectiveness – The labor costs in Sri Lanka are competitive compared to many other countries, allowing businesses to save on operational expenses. This affordability enables companies to optimize their budgets and allocate resources efficiently. 

Skilled Workforce – Sri Lanka is a home to a talented pool of professionals with industry expertise in various fields. Whether businesses require technical expertise in software development, financial acumen, or exceptional customer service, Sri Lanka offers a wealth of professionals capable of meeting these demands.

Time Zone Advantage – Sri Lanka’s time zone offers convenient overlap (GMT+5:30) with major business regions like Europe, making it easier to coordinate and communicate. 

Cultural Compatibility – Sri Lanka has cultural affinity with Western countries, contributing to effective communication and collaboration. Thus, Sri Lanka has better understanding on western business practices and norms. Also, since Sri Lankans speak British English paving the way towards easy communication among countries. 

Government Support – The Sri Lankan government actively supports the outsourcing industry through incentives, tax benefits, and infrastructure development.  


Sri Lanka